Maker of exceptional wands. Which wand shall choose you, I wonder?

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A Lot of Magic in Every Wand

The Windermere Wand Shop has been making exceptional wands out of the highest quality materials for some time. No two wands are alike, in the same way that no two people are alike. From a wand of simplistic elegance, to those who make a powerful statement, which wand shall choose you, I wonder?


Get the Windermere Journal

Do you enjoy the stories that the Windermere Wand Shop has spun over the years? Now, you can get your own copy of the journal that the wandmaker has kept over the years. The Windermere Journal has 60 stories with sketches in it, and is crafted with genuine leather.


What is the wand that your heart desires?

What is the wand that your heart desires?

- Available Wands -

While most Windermere Wands are custom commissions, you can occasionally find premium wands for sale. Nothing here? Check back later or reach out about a custom commision!


Wear Windermere!

Did you want to rep the Windermere Wand Shop out in the wild? Did you just need a new, comfy shirt or sweatshirt? Get some Windermere merch!

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